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About Me

I am a fairy hair artist located in Pittsburgh, PA. I started doing fairy hair in 2021 after seeing how beautiful it looked while traveling in a friend's hair. I was impressed with it being tied into the hair and not using beads or clips and I wanted it in my own hair. I tried to find someone in my area of Pittsburgh to put fairy hair in my hair and couldn't find anyone to do it using this method. I found training in North Carolina and decided to open up my own fairy hair business so that I could do fairy hair for my friends. Kerry's Fairy Hair was launched December 2021. Since that time, I have grown and now do fairy hair for many events & activities - pop up shops, private appointments, prom, weddings, charity, school, or church events, birthday parties, bachelorette parties, holidays, special occasions, concerts, game day, ladies night, or just for fun! 

Check out our list of public events in your area or contact me to book your private appointment or event today!

Fairy Kerry

Kerry's Fairy Hair is Owned and Operated by Kerry Coombs


Serving the surrounding areas of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Western Pennsylvania including bordering areas of Ohio and West Virginia.

Adding Sparkle to hair with Kerry's Fairy Hair
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