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  • What is Fairy Hair?
    Fairy Hair or Hair tinsel is a very fine, glittery or shiny thread that is temporarily tied into your hair to provide shimmer and a reflective effect. We don't use beads, clips, or glue of any kind.
  • How much does it cost and how long does it last?
    Fairy Hair is currently $2 per knotted fairy hair strand with most people getting an average of 10 strands or more at a public event. Private parties and bookings are subject to minimums and travel fees. Fairy Hair can last up to 2 weeks (or longer). It is temporary and can be removed as necessary. There are many factors which can allow tinsel to stay in longer or come out quicker. Everyone's hair is different and rate at which hair falls out naturally, etc. Be sure to use care when brushing and washing your hair not to tug on the tinsel. When brushing, If you feel the tinsel moving when you brush your hair, find the base where the tinsel is tied and with a finger put pressure on the knot while you brush with your free hand. That is the best way to make sure you don't pull out tinsel. You can also brush carefully with both hands. I recommend a Wet Brush when brushing and not a stiff bristled brush type like "boar's hair" or synthetic similar as they tend to pull out the Fairy Hair more frequently.
  • Can you wash, dry, curl, and use the straightening iron on it?
    Yes! You can flat iron/curling iron at a medium to high setting at 230-290 F, 12 seconds or less. Be sure to include the fairy hair strand with your own hair while heating. It is safe to wash and blow dry. Avoid prolonged exposure to your flat iron, curling iron, or hair dryer. The tinsel may curl if stretched. If you are not careful, hair tinsel can melt. Glitter thread has a melting point of about 490° F. Don't keep hair tinsel exposed to heat for too long.
  • Where are you located? Do you come to my area?
    We are based in Western Pennsylvania in Monaca, PA (Beaver County) but serve the Pittsburgh, PA area and bordering Ohio and West Virginia area. Please contact us for more information.
  • Where are your next public events?
    Please look on our "events" tab on our Facebook Page to see our upcoming public events. Most events are walk up unless otherwise specified but appointments are recommended to guarantee your spot and desired time. Please read specific event details. You can sign up directly from the specific Event page by clicking the "Sign Up" link within the description and make your appointment.
  • Do you do private parties and events?
    Yes! Please contact us for more details and to plan your specific event.
  • Do you do private appointments?
    Yes! Please contact us.
  • What is the recommended age and is it safe?
    Fairy Hair is safe, non-toxic, temporary, no glue or chemicals. It is recommended for ages 8 and older. Younger children are considered on a case by case basis. Due to their baby fine hair and vigorous activity, it may not last as long in the hair. They also have a harder time sitting still in the chair while putting the fairy hair in. It is also recommended that no more than 5 knotted strands be put in younger children.
  • Can I go swimming at the pool and at the beach and do other activities with my fairy hair?
    You can swim and do sports and activities as usual, however all activities can cause your hair tinsel to come out sooner. The more active you are, the more likely your hair tinsel will not last as long.

Frequently Asked Questions

Helpful Tips

Pre-Booked Appointments

Want to avoid a wait for Fairy Hair at a public event? Did you know that you can book your desired appointment time online or by phone ahead of time?  In the description of the event listing there will be a link to pre-book your desired place and preferred time.  Just show up 5 minutes before your scheduled time slot and I'll hold your place.  All pre-booked appointments avoid having to wait in line.

Please arrive with clean, dry, and brushed hair

Plan ahead for your fairy hair appointment but making sure you arrive with clean, dry, and brushed hair.  Tangled can take more time to find the best hair to secure the hair tinsel.  Dirty or wet hair can make it hard to pick out secure hair strands and make it difficult to secure the hair tinsel. 

A minimum of 10 knotted strands are recommended

The more hair tinsel strands you  have, the more that will stay in for a longer period of time.  You can get as many or as little tinsel strands as you want, but we recommend using at least 10 knotted strands because that will look the best and last the longest. 

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